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Download Giner template files from your account > downloads tab

Installing Giner

Once you've downloaded the package file, locate it in the preferable directory and extract it.

You will need to Upload these files to your Web Server using FTP in order to use it on your Website.

Make sure you upload the required files/folders listed below in the template structure

Template structure

Main folder

  • The css folder - contains the main template and vendor styles bootstrap, font-awesome, fancy-box, slick.
  • The fonts folder - contains the fontawesome font
  • The img folder - contains images which are used in the template, the images format jpg, png, svg
  • The js folder - contains the template and vendor scripts jquery, masonry, fancy box, slick
  • The php folder - contains contact.php, which sends e-mails
  • The video folder - contains template's video
  • HTML pages


HTML document structure, all the blocks were commented

  • STYLE - styles including
  • HEADER - template header
    • LOGO - logotype
    • MAIN MENU - main menu
    • SOCIAL ICONS - social icons
  • MAIN CONTENT - main content
    • MAIN SLIDER - home page slider
    • BEST PRICES - best price block
    • SERVICES BLOCK - services block
    • BLOG - blog
    • INFO BLOCK - information block
    • SHOP - products block
    • OFFERS - best offers block
    • TESTIMONIALS - client testimonials block
    • CONTACTS - contact form
    • GOOGLE MAP - Google map
  • FOOTER - template footer
  • TO TOP - “TO TOP” button
  • TEMPLATE SCRIPT - Template's script including


CSS document structure, all the blocks were commented

  • RESET STYLES - reset the default browser styles
  • DEFAULT STYLES - default styles for all browsers
  • MENU - main menu styles
  • LOGO - logotype styles
  • HOME - home page styles
  • FOOTER - footer template styles
  • PAGE TITLE - template page title styles
  • SERVICES - services page styles
  • TYPOGRAPHY - typography page styles
  • ABOUT - About Us page styles
  • SHOP - shop page styles
  • GALLERY - gallery page styles
  • CONTACTS - contacts page styles


JS document structure, all the blocks were commented

  • MENU - main navigation script
  • SEARCH FORM - search form script
  • HOME 1 MAIN SLIDER - home page slider script
  • HOME 1 OFFERS SLIDER - home page offers slider script
  • TESTIMONIALS SLIDER - testimonials slider script
  • SLIDER VIDEO - video slider script
  • SLIDER NEW PRODUCT - new product slider script
  • SLIDER SINGLE PRODUCT - product detail page script
  • FANCYBOX 3 - image displaying script
  • TABS - tabs script
  • TO TOP - "to top" button script
  • CONTACT FORM - contact form script
  • GOOGLE MAP - google map script


Fonts are connected at the beginning of the file style.css

/*-------------------- FONTS --------------------*/ @import url(',400,400i,600,700');


For the icons presentation the Fontawesome - v4.7.0 are used.
Header font including are processing by following construction:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/font-awesome.min.css">

Contact form

In order to setup the contact form and start using it you just need to open the php\contact.php file and find the $address variable that define your e-mail address.

Please note, that contact form should be uploaded to the server

Google Map

In order to setup the google maps you need to process with the following steps:

  • Find the folowing string in HTML file and specify your key

    <script src=""></script>

    To obtain the key you should preliminary refer to the official documentation
  • To define the marker, open the scripts.js file anf find the following code:

    var marker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: new google.maps.LatLng(40.6401038, -73.9495823), map: map, icon: 'img/icon-map.png' });

    In the position variable define the google map coordinates
  • To get more detailed information please read the official documentation

Sources & Credits



Java Script




There are two licence option before template purchasing you may choose more appropriate for your case:

The Regular License

You are able to use current template to create one single product (site) for you.

The Extended License.

You are able to resell the single product to other clients. Is required if the end user must pay to use the end product.


Contains all the html, css, java script template files with specific pages.


This file located inside the Giner template folder and contains link to the user documentation.

Please note, we do not provide PSD, clipart images, audio and video files due to author’s rights. In case if you need PSD files we can provide them by request.


Our templates comes with complimentary support. If you have any questions related to template defects, please visit our Support Desk.

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